3D modelling and prototyping


3D printing service for small size prototypes. We can work with ABS or PLA plastic in different colors and effects


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3D Printing service

This service allows us to produce prototypes (or any part of them) and test them thank that it does not require a high level of accuracy. We can produce designs quickly and inexpensively.

We have different 3D printers for small sizes, with maximum dimensions of 190mm. x 190mm. x 190mm. The printer has a variable plastic layer height to choose between 0'1mm and 0'3mm.

Besides dimensions, geometry of the part is very important to print with our 3D printers. A flat base or less inclined to 45º improves the quality and finish of the final piece.

We can print on two different materials, plastics ABS and PLA. The color depends on the stock at the time of the query.


If you already have the piece you want to 3D print and you want to request a quote, you can contact us at info@controlmad.com email and attach a file in * .stl with your design in millimeters. Please keep in mind the dimensions of the printer. If your project exceeds these dimensions, we can divide the work into several parts and then put them together.




We have five 3D printer to work with plastic ABS or PLA, in different colors and effects

>   Two BeetheFirst, as authorized BeeTheFirst testers in Spain. Printing area is 195x135x125mmand it has an accuracy of +/- 0.05mm

>   Two Prusa Mendel i3 with a printing area of 200x200x200mm and it has an accuracy of +/- 0.05mm

>   A Prusa Mendel i2 with a printing area of 150x150x80mm and it has an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm



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Please contact us to study your project. You can send an email to info@controlmad.com or complete the form below, we will send you an answer as soon as possible.