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Design and digital fabrication. CNC laser





We have designed and made prototypes of these face shields so any company or person with a laser machine can cut and adapt them with no restrictions, freely.

Kerfing cutting tecnique has been used (Kerf is the width of material that the process removes as it cuts through the plate, so it allows to bend the material) 

It is possible to manufacture them in a very fast way; 10 units per hour.

Material required:

- 3mm MDF panel

- Rubber / neoprene strip 

- Elastic band

- DIN A4 transparent acetate 0,2mm or similar.


You can download Rhino 6 and *.dxf file formats in a compressed .zip file:

Download file

* We do recomment to make a first test to check tolerances, speed cuts, etc. Recomendamos hacer una prueba previa para ajustar posibles tolerancias, velocidades de corte 



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